A digital prompt that helps users consent or withhold consent to a single policy or a variety of policies grouped together. The digital prompt may be a “JOIN” button with links to the policy or policies near the button, or a similar button with partial or full text of the policy or policies presented.

Complete Terms of Service:
For the “Understanding the Biggest Lie on the Internet” reports, this refers to the text that appears on an organization’s terms of service website (or app) page, plus the text of all relevant supplementary information linked to the terms of service. This may include explanations of terminology, policy expansions, related policies, guidelines, and mechanisms, such as opt-out materials. The goal of this more inclusive assessment of terms of service was to address all provided information that a user would need to read, in the organization’s apparent attempt to create understanding of the terms.

Complete Privacy Policy:




Meaningful Consent:


Notice Privacy Policy:


Total Policy Words:


Unique Reading Speed:


Words Per Minute: